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But the blog wasn’t (entirely) dead …

It’s a shame, but the no new posts have been published to this blog since February 9 this year. The situation is, I have had my focus on other things than DX-ing for a while.

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Test post

It is time to tell you all that
there is still life :-) soon history

For those of you who have accessed these pages by using the address, be aware that it for some time now only has worked as a web forward address to this one: For some reasons I decided to discontinue the .no domain and use a .net domain instead for the future. The domain will no longer be in use by me at all from the beginning of June, 2006. After that, only will be valid, or to get directly to this blog.

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Whatever happened to this blog?

Quite a lot, in fact. :-)
After about a month of silence, its time to bring the blog up to date
again. Another post will follow with a summary of my DX activities in
February, but here I will just say a few words about what has happened
to the blog itself.
As you certainly have noticed, I have moved my website(s) to a new
domain. Even though the domain still works, it is now only
forwarding connections to this new domain of mine,
. This is my new place on the web.
I have also updated WordPress, which is the personal publishing tool I
have decided to use, to its current version, and I have chosen a new
theme for this DX blog and modified it somewhat. Still there are menu
links that doesnt lead anywhere, but I will bring that in order soon.
Except from the blog, there is still very little content here. That
should also change quite soon. However, I am not going to build and
maintain an extensive list of DX related web sites. Other people have
already done this in a great way, and I will therefore simply point to a
few highly recommended websites which you can visit, and where you can
find all kinds of information about this extremely fascinating – some
would say ridiculous and totally useless hobby. *s*
I have also added functionality to this site which makes it possible for
everyone who wish to, to subscribe to an e-mail list. As a subscriber
you will be notified each time something new has been posted to this

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DX soundclips archive …

will soon be available again. I have just begun rebuilding its web pages, after having decided to restructure them. So far only two small audio clips of stations from Alaska are available, but much more to come. :-)
Until I get time to reformat the menu and put the right link in there, here is the address to the DX soundclips archive:

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So – here we are, finally. :-) Well, actually, there is still a long way to go, but the journey has begun …
I have known this for a long time; I had to do something quite dramatic with my web site – to bring it more up-to-date and to make it more useful.
The plan for my web site is to have a blog on it, mainly related to my DX activities, but it will also contain info on what is new on this site. In addition, I will try to integrate several accessibility features in this website and use the website as an experimental place to learn how to use all the features of WordPress.
Well, time will show how this is going to develop. :-)

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