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SDRs to use for visually impaired People?

In my previous post, I indicated that I possibly should write an article on how to use software defined radio without eyesight. I have thought a bit further about it, and I have definitely plans to Write a longer and quite detailed text on this topic. At the moment I am too busy to concentrate on putting together such a text, but it will be. Until then, here is a post on this topic you may find interesting: Software defined receivers (SDRs) for the visually impaired listeners. The post is mainly based on an e-mail I wrote in response to a question I received. Read the post yourself to find out. :-)

Radio interview

I must admit that I haven’t used my blog very actively over the more recent years. As you have seen, it has mainly been used for updates on incoming verifications. Now it is time for an exception.

A few days ago, I received an e-mail from a journalist at Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB). I heard one of OPB’s AM transmitters, KOAC on 550 kHz in Corvallis, during one of my DXpeditions to Kongsfjord. That was back in 2007. Inspite of numerous attempts to get my reception report to OPB verified, it didn’t work until quite recently when I decided to make a final attempt at getting a verification from them. It worked perfectly, and I thought that was it – until this e-mail arrived surprisingly some days ago asking if I could be interested in talking to them. I responded that I could very well talk to them, that it would be nice indeed, so we made an appointment to connect on Skype on Wednesday March 4. And so we did. I talked to Sage van Wing for quite a while, and we ended up with an interview appointment the next day, when I should be interviewed by Dave Miller on the Think Out Loud show.

And the interview took place and they in fact spent not less than 15 minutes on me and the DX hobby!

The news item with link to the interview is here: Norwegian radio enthusiast picks up OPB signal. There is even one more news item about this, since OJ Sagdahl heard another OPB AMtransmitter in 2013 2 Norwegians tune into OPB across Atlantic

Following this interview, where I indicated that I am using software defined radio receivers and that not all SDR software is siutable for blind people, I have had questions about this topic. A few years ago I had some thoughts about sharing my experiences on using SDR software from my perspective, being blind and using screen reader software to access the computer screen content. I had some searches around the web in the times when I was thinking about which SDR to buy, to find out if some others had written about this topic, but I could not find anything to use. Well, perhaps it is my task to write about this.