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  1. Gert Nilsson

    Hej TJ!

    Vill önska dig ett fortsatt gott nytt år.
    Jag såg att du hade fått QSL från KWIP 880, en station som jag provat ett flertal gånger utan resultat. Kan du möjligen hjälpa mig med en epostadress?

    Gert Nilsson

    1. TJ Post author

      Hei Gerg, og godt nytt år til deg også.

      KWIP viste seg å være langt vanskeligere enn jeg hadde tenkt, og ingen e-postadresser gav resultat. til slutt forsøkte jeg på Facebook, og fikk fint svar fra en av de ansatte på stasjonen. De la til og med ut en status om rapporten min. :-)

      Forsøk her: https://www.facebook.com/lacampeona.laquemanda

      Tore Johnny

      1. Dave Marthouse


        It was a pleasure to read your posting regarding accessible SDR software.

        I would like to correspond with you about the subject or maybe chat on Skype and compare notes.

        As a totally blind DXER and over all computer and electronics enthusiast we should have lots of things to discuss.

        73 and good dx from New Jersey US.


  2. Thomas Witherspoon

    Dear Johnny,

    I heard the excellent interview with you on OPB. Brilliant!

    Could you please send me an email? I noted that you mentioned you use an SDR. Only recently, I was asked by someone who is visually impaired about the best SDR for them. I was not sure what to suggest. Please let me know if you have any insight.

    SWLing Post

    1. TJ Post author

      Hello Arnie. Yes, I have heard a number of Cuban AM stations at both my listening sites, often with superb reception quality. I have even reported a few ones over the years.


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