June 2015 verifications

Time for an update. All verifications by e-mail, but WING-1410 also sent a letter and a couple of window stickers in the mail in addition. Nice!

630 WMAL Washington DC
690 KTSM El Paso TX
740 KCIK Kihei HI
750 WSB Atlanta GA
920 WKVA Lewistown PA
980 CHRF Montréal QC
980 CKNW New Westminster BC
1170 KFAQ Tulsa OK
1230 KRYN Gresham OR
1240 KFOR Lincoln NE
1240 KTIX Pendleton OR
1240 WJMC Rice Lake WI
1250 WMTR Morristown NJ
1250 WTMA Charleston SC
1260 KROX Crookston MN
1300 KCMY Carson City NV
1310 KNPT Newport OR
1340 WIRY Plattsburgh NY
1350 WTDR Gadsden AL
1360 KUIK Hillsboro OR
1400 KRPL Moscow ID
1410 WING Dayton OH
1430 KTBZ Tulsa OK
1480 KGOE Eureka CA
1600 KLGZ Algona IA
1660 KQWB West Fargo ND

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Verifications, April-May 2015

While April gave few verifications, due to little time available to report writing, May has turned out to be a good month.

1130 KPHI Honolulu HI

North America:
580 CJFX Antigonish NB (verified report from 1997)
730 CHMJ Vancouver BC
790 WPRV Providence RI
810 CKJS Winnipeg MB
830 KSDP Sand Point AK
930 WKBM Sandwich IL
950 WNTD Chicago IL
1120 KANN Roy UT
1150 KAGO Klamath Falls OR
1160 WYLL Chicago IL
1190 KEX Portland OR
1210 CFYM Kindersley SK
1240 CJAR The Pas MB
1250 CHSM Steinbach MB (via Facebook)
1300 KLER Orofino ID
1340 KUOW Tumwater WA
1340 WSOY Decatur IL
1360 WMOB Mobile AL
1370 KAST Astoria OR
1400 WATW Ashland WI
1400 WQXO Munising MI
1410 KMYC Marysville CA
1430 WBEV Beaver Dam WI
1440 KKXL Grand Forks ND (via Facebook)
1440 KMED Medford OR
1450 KLBM La Grande OR
1480 KLMS Lincoln NE
1490 KRKC King City CA
1490 KWOK Hoquiam WA
1490 WKLQ Whitehall MI
1560 KZIZ Pacific WA (via Facebook)
1620 KOZN Bellevue NE
1620 WDND South Bend IN

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March 2015 verifications

560 KLZ Denver CO
570 CFBC Corner Brook NL
730 CKDM Dauphin MB
810 KLVZ Brighton CO
840 CJXX Grande Prairie AB (it’s never too late)
880 CHQT Edmonton AB
970 KTTO Spokane WA
980 WOFX Troy NY
990 KIKI Honolulu HI
1020 KVNT Eagle River AK
1090 KMXA Aurora CO
1150 CBAC Tuktoyaktuk NT
1230 KHAS Hastings NE
1230 KINO Winslow AZ
1230 KSGG Reno NV
1240 KBIZ Ottumwa IA
1300 WJDA Quincy MA
1330 CJYM Rosetown SK
1340 WQSC Charleston SC Finally!!! QSL via Facebook
1400 KIHH Eureka CA
1460 KDMA Montevideo MN
1470 WNYY Ithaca NY
1480 KAUS Austin MN
1540 WDCD Albany NY
1590 KWBG Boone IA
1590 WCSL Cherryville NC
1600 KEPN Lakewood CO (verified in April 2013, but not mentioned in my blog, it seems)
1680 KNTS Seattle WA

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SDRs to use for visually impaired People?

In my previous post, I indicated that I possibly should write an article on how to use software defined radio without eyesight. I have thought a bit further about it, and I have definitely plans to Write a longer and quite detailed text on this topic. At the moment I am too busy to concentrate on putting together such a text, but it will be. Until then, here is a post on this topic you may find interesting: Software defined receivers (SDRs) for the visually impaired listeners. The post is mainly based on an e-mail I wrote in response to a question I received. Read the post yourself to find out. :-)

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Radio interview

I must admit that I haven’t used my blog very actively over the more recent years. As you have seen, it has mainly been used for updates on incoming verifications. Now it is time for an exception.

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February 2015 verifications

It is still February, and will remain so for a few hours more. Verifications over the weekends are rare, though, so here is the list of verifications received by me during February. A quite productive month, I’d say.- Thank you to all involved for relevant v/s info.

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January 2015 verifications

1270 KNDI Honolulu HI

North America:
550 KOAC Corvallis OR
570 CKGL Kitchener ON
990 CBY Corner Brook NL
1130 CKWX Vancouver BC
1190 KVSV Beloit KS
1300 WMEL Cocoa Beach FL
1330 KNSS Wichita KS
1400 KLIN Lincoln NE
1400 WBIP Booneville MS
1420 WBSM New Bedford MA
1470 WWNN Pompano Beach FL
1550 WNTN Newton MA
1580 KREL Colorado Springs CO
1600 KGST Fresno CA
1600 KLEB Golden Meadow LA

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December 2014 verifications

630 CFCO Chatham-Kent ON
880 KWIP Dallas OR
900 CHML Hamilton ON
930 WBEN Buffalo NY
980 CFPL London ON
1100 KFAX San Francisco CA
1190 CFSL Weyburn SK
1230 WJOI Norfolk VA
1260 CKHJ Fredericton NB
1380 WABH Bath NY
1380 WKJG Fort Wayne IN
1570 WECU Winterville NC
1600 KTUB Centerville UT

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November 2014 verifications

13 verifications received during November. Not that much, i’d say, but still 13 more than none.

610 WTVN Columbus OH
920 KDHL Faribault MN
920 WOKY Milwaukee WI
1060 KGFX Pierre SD
1230 KVOC Casper WY
1240 KIUL Garden City KS
1340 KGGS Garden City KS
1350 WINY Putnam CT
1380 KXFN St. Louis MO
1380 WPHM Port Huron MI
1420 KJDL Lubbock TX
1510 KGA Spokane WA
1650 KBJD Denver CO

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October 2014 verifications

580 WTCM Traverse City MI
600 WMT Cedar Rapids IA
710 KXMR Bismarck ND
950 WIBX Utica NY
1070 CFAX Victoria BC
1260 KWYR Winner SD
1280 WFAU Gardiner ME (verified both via e-mail and snailmail)
1280 WWTC Minneapolis MN
1340 KVBR Brainerd MN
1400 KEYE Perryton TX
1440 KMAJ Topeka KS
1450 KATE Albert Lea MN
1450 KNOT Prescott AZ
1450 KWBE Beatrice NE
1450 WLEC Sandusky OH
1470 WLQR Toledo OH
1520 WIZZ Greenfield MA (QSL card)
1550 KDCC Dodge City KS
1630 WRDW Augusta GA
1690 WMLB Avondale Estates GA
1700 KBGG Des Moines IA

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