February 2015 verifications

It is still February, and will remain so for a few hours more. Verifications over the weekends are rare, though, so here is the list of verifications received by me during February. A quite productive month, I’d say.- Thank you to all involved for relevant v/s info.

650 WSM Nashville TN
680 CFTR Toronto ON
740 CFZM Toronto ON
790 KFGO Fargo ND
800 CJAD Montréal QC
890 CJDC Dawson Creek BC
910 KATH Frisco TX
940 KFIG Fresno Ca
950 WROC Rochester NY
960 WERC Birmingham AL
1070 CHOK Sarnia ON
1070 WAPI Birmingham AL
1080 WHIM Coral Gables FL
1180 KYES Rockville MN
1220 KPJC Salem OR
1230 KFJB Marshalltown IA
1240 KLTZ Glasgow MT
1250 CJYE Oakville ON
1330 KOVE Lander WY
1340 KBNW Bend OR
1400 WSTC Samford CT (both e-mail and snailmail verification)
1410 KWYO Sheridan WY
1420 KULY Ulysses KS
1480 WSDS Salem Township MI
1490 KBZY Salem OR
1490 WBEX Chillicothe OH
1490 WMPX Midland MI
1490 WXTG Hampton VA
1540 KXPA Bellevue WA