JOKP NHK-1 Kitami 1188 verification

Verifications from Japanese stations – both NHK and the commercial ones – seem to be quite rare these days. Even more appreciated are the few that we get, then. This morning I found my first e-mail QSL from Japan, when I opened an e-mail from Mr. Makoto Mukai, who is working for the engineering department at the NHK station in Kitami. He kindly verified my October 17, 2007 reception of JOKP NHK-1 Kitami on 1188 kHz, which was heard with local ID at 09:59 UTC that day. Mr. Mukai even told me that a “snail-mail” QSL was on the way to me, so I will keep a finger or two to my mailbox the coming days. Thank you for your kind response, Mr. Mukai!